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    Luz Garcia

May, 2023

Hello moving friends and colleagues!

Summer of 2023 is going to be so good. This upcoming peak season is going to be different from the past years, for two very distinctive reasons.

Firstly, the World Health Organization has recently declared that Covid-19 no longer represents a global health emergency. Every one of us in this industry felt the impact the pandemic had on global logistics services. We all fought this battle together. Low transport availability, inconsistent country restrictions, highly volatile prices, cancellation of events and industry conventions, and relentless uncertainty – these were just some of the issues that we had to face.

Today, in anticipation of the busiest months in our industry, we’re observing stable transportation prices for the first time in two years. It truly seems like we’re back to normal, whatever that “new normality” is. I can sense a real positive energy! We’re all getting ready to do what we do best, and we’re happy about it.

The second thing that is going to make this a great peak season is that PricePoint completed an ambitious overhaul of our Mover2Mover, building in some features that our clients have been requesting for years.

The ability to book shipments through our platform and the ability to include and calculate supplementals in our M2M quotes are probably the two most frequent requests that we’ve received. “How will I know how much business I’m receiving from having my rates in PricePoint?”, is also a very common question.

Being in a start-up, it can be very hard to prioritize these kinds of requests. Everything is important, and the decision to push some projects forward and hold off on others is a hard one to make. The time finally came, we designated a team, we set up weekly meetings and we started a project called “M2M Redux”. The objective? Improving our client’s experience when using Mover2Mover.

Our Calculator works the same as it did before. You run a quote, select the rates that you want to use (whether it’s only origin or destination services or a full door-to-door price), and save it. Except now, users can book quoted services and receive bookings through the platform. You can also keep track of booked shipments and will soon be able to track the shipments that others have awarded to you.

This might seem like great news to our subscribers, but actually there is one last announcement: PricePoint has opened up the Calculator tool to all of its users. We want to make these new features available to everyone using PricePoint. So, if you are an agent that has been using our TariffEngine and you wish to try the Calculator as a tool to enhance your quoting process, please get in touch with us, and we will update your settings to give you access.

Our free version of Mover2Mover will allow you access to public rates. And along with this free version, we have just launched our new subscription options that go from Bronze to Platinum, and which include access to the Analysis and EZ-RFP tools, as well as reporting, Private Channels, and Tariff Installation service in different capacities tailored to match different company’s needs.

So, whether you’re an agent looking to share your rates with your partners, or a Booker looking to obtain other agents’ rates, there is a M2M option that is right for you. We hope that these changes will benefit our clients throughout the whole year, but especially during the following months.

I have no doubt in my mind that this is going to be a great summer for every one of us working in the HHG Industry. I look forward to working with you!


New Updates for  mover2mover-sm 

Major Updates to Mover2Mover features and subscription options

Just in time for peak season, our latest release of Mover2Mover contains many features that will help your team save time, reduce human error, and win more business. 

Upgrades include:Template for Website Feature Images (800 × 600 px)
  • Build a door-to-door rate
  • Book moves within the system
  • Compile, calculate, and compare hundreds of rates in minutes
  • Get robust reporting by shipments, regions, and “hot lanes”
  • Control rate sharing with Private Channels
  • Maintain your rates hassle-free with new Tariff Implementation services
  • COMING SOON! Calculate supplementals charges right within the system



We recognize that each mover will have different needs from our system, so we’ve also created four different subscription levels so you can find a tailored solution no matter your size. Or, if you’d like to try before you buy, we invite you to try out our free package that now includes access to our Calculator Tool to view thousands of public rates in real-time.

Visit our website to sign up for free or subscribe.


Need a Training Refresher?

If you need a refresher course on any of PricePoint’s products, head on over to the Support section on our website. Here you can access materials like user guides and training videos for Mover2Mover, TariffEngine, and Portal. Learn about new features, brush up on workflows, and make the most of your PricePoint product subscriptions this busy season.

We've also just launched a new Knowledgebase that we will be populating with frequently asked questions. We welcome your input. 

New Customer Support Portal

Need to contact Customer Support? You can still email our support team, but you may want to check out our new Customer Portal. There you can create a ticket, submit documents for invoice validation, and check on ticket status anytime from anywhere.

Login to the Customer Support Portal here.

Note: To log into our customer support portal, use your email address and not your PricePoint Portal user name.

Visit the Customer Support Portal


NEW Portal Domestic Tariff Features

PricePoint has made a number of improvements to its Portal Domestic tariff features to give movers greater flexibility and control when using 400N derivatives and Single Factor Rates. Some of the highlights include:

  • Upload any 400N-derivative tariff within PricePoint
  • Upload and use multiple 400N tariffs as needed
  • Set customizable 'Metro' fees by specific service and area
  • Set any preferred unit of measure for your SFR tables (not just cwt)

Read about all the Portal Domestic feature updates over here on the blog.

Tariff Installation Service

In the thick of busy season, let us take something off your plate.

TariffEngine is a powerful tool to help movers price moves quickly, competitively, and accurately. But your pricing is only as good as the data that goes into it. Let the experts at PricePoint keep your OA/DA rates updated for you – so you can keep winning more moves.

For just $30 per location, our team of experts can import new tariffs or update your existing rates in TariffEngine.

Ready to get started?


International Moving Cost Estimator

Move pricing is complicated, and sometimes you just want a quick confirmation that you’re getting (or quoting!) a fair price. PricePoint’s new FREE International Moving Cost Estimator is the tool for you. Sure, there are plenty of other move cost estimators out there, but none of them have PricePoint’s millions of tariff data points to draw from to give you a true, unbiased market average estimate. Just enter your origin, destination, and shipment size (or move allowance), and our International Move Cost Estimator will instantly give you a realistic cost expectation.



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