How do your freight costs measure up in a volatile marketplace?

Just released! PricePoint's International Freight Retrospective White Paper

PricePoint Portal International gives moving and mobility partners shared access to global, independent market-based data across the entire moving supply chain. 

In our latest report, we have compiled actual freight shipment costs from thousands of HHG moves managed via PricePoint Portal International. How do your rates measure up? Download your copy of our International Freight Retrospective white paper for insights into rate trends across 12 major global shipping lanes.

Download our International Freight Retrospective White Paper

Get important perspective on a turbulent freight environment.

Ocean and air freight didn't just go up, it went up and down and sideways - and the patterns of change were completely different depending on region and timing.

Consider the difference between shipping inbound Asia versus inbound North America, where there were huge variances in trade lanes due to global manufacturing and trade imbalance. Asia to USA container costs were 15X that of USA to Asia, while other lanes within the region remained relatively static. 

Asia to N. America-01-1
N. America to Asia-01

Download the full International Freight Retrospective White Paper

Our data shows there is no such thing as a blanket approach to freight pricing. Compare your rates against PricePoint's market averages to see how your costs measure up.